Refund Policy

Order Cancellation Procedure!

Our services are focused on our client's happiness, which is what we do all in our power to accomplish. At Invita Tech Solutions Digital Marketing, we even have explicit cancellation and refund policies that are specific to each service we offer.

Process for canceling an order

1. You can give us a fax, email, or call to cancel.

2. It will be picked up by our billing and accounts department.

3. We'll provide you with a confirmation in our reply. Until then, the request is invalid.

4. Please send in your cancellation request no later than 12 hours after placing the item.

Our Refund Policy

We are renowned for upholding strict guidelines and providing clear work. Furthermore, we only make commitments that align with our capabilities; that being said, providing you with the greatest work is our top priority at all times.

Please be aware that we will never be able to complete your refund if we have spent time, money, or effort on a project. Order cancellations after the job is finished won't be refunded.

This is to let you know that search engine algorithms—which determine page rankings and robots—are always changing and improving. No skilled marketing agency can manage these shifts. Because our pros have years of expertise in producing high-quality outcomes, we are prepared to take on the burden of your task to perform it with confidence.

However, you can place your order with confidence knowing that Invita Tech Solutions is a seasoned marketing firm whose experts use cutting-edge techniques to optimize and manage your websites in line with the most recent algorithms. Using contemporary strategies, we can assure you of a well-known and identifiable online presence that will help you establish your brand and become more vocal. Through this interactive digital transformation, we aim to create a solid image of your brand and engage customers worldwide to increase the chances of profit, conversion, and productivity.

Non-Refundable Cases

  • Once the customer approves mock-up drawings and the project enters the development phase, there will be no reimbursement of any kind.
  • In the middle of a milestone phase, projects are not eligible for a partial refund.
  • For services that our marketing team has provided on special occasions, cancellations are not accepted. These are non-refundable, time-limited deals.
  • Packages for digital marketing are non-refundable, however, clients may cancel with a written notice up to thirty days in advance.

But we only start paying out the next month's payments once we've thoroughly evaluated how we performed in the previous one. No service from Invita Tech Solutions Digital Marketing is covered by unclear warranties. We adamantly disclaim all responsibility for any problems that could arise from using any third-party service.

Invita Tech Solutions Digital Marketing has the right to change this refund and cancellation policy for digital marketing services at any moment and without prior warning to clients. Thus, stay in touch!